Ascot en de nieuwe Dress Code

Morgen beginnen de races op Ascot. De afgelopen jaren hebben zich helaas gekenmerkt door dames en heren met outfits die werden gekenmerkt door een volkomen misplaatste interpretatie van de dress code die er tot dan toe was. Om deze wanstaltigheid te voorkomen heeft de organisatie een nieuwe dress code uitgegeven voor zowel de Royal Enclosure als de plaatsen waar het plebs zich moet begeven, onderstaand kunt e.e.a. terugvinden. Please note the dress code below is NEW for 2012. 

A Royal Enclosure Style Guide has been produced for the first time this year and helps to bring to life some examples of the kind of outfits that are expected at Royal Ascot. Click Here

Ladies Ladies are kindly reminded that formal day wear is a requirement in the Royal Enclosure, defined as follows:

  • Dresses and skirts should be of modest length defined as falling just above the knee or longer
  • Dresses and tops should have straps of one inch or greater
  •  Jackets and pashminas may be worn but dresses and tops underneath should still comply with the Royal Enclosure dress code
  • Trouser suits are welcome. They should be of full length and of matching material and colour
  • Hats should be worn; a headpiece which has a base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative to a hat.

Ladies are kindly asked to note the following:

  • Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck, spaghetti straps and dresses with a strap of less than one inch (2.5cm) are not permitted
  • Midriffs must be covered
  •  Fascinators are no longer permitted in the Royal Enclosure; neither are headpieces which do not have a base covering a sufficient area of the head (4 inches / 10cm).

Gentlemen Gentlemen are kindly reminded that it is a requirement to wear either black or grey morning dress which must include:

  • A waistcoat and tie (no cravats)
  • A black or grey top hat
  •  Black shoes.

A gentleman may remove his top hat within a restaurant, a private box, a private club or that facility’s terrace, balcony or garden.  Hats may also be removed within any enclosed external seating area within the Royal Enclosure Garden.

The customisation of top hats (with, for example, coloured ribbons or bands) is not permitted in the Royal Enclosure.